At Yager Barge, we offer numerous options to meet your project’s needs for barge rental. Whether you’re looking for a short-term rental or a long-term lease, we can help you with a solution for nearly any situation where a barge is required:  heavy construction, dredging, marine & diving applications, fireworks displays, temporary replacement, and more.

New Crane Barge Available

Specifications: 150’ x 60’ x 9’


Yager Barge offers many solutions but we specialize in Flexifloat™ modular barges at a depth of 7′. This series offers maximum buoyancy and strength. These 7′ tall models are often used in severe applications involving the heaviest track-mounted and mobile cranes, large hydraulic excavators and bucket dredges, and deep-well drilling rigs.

Flexifloat™ barges feature a unique, self-contained locking system, which means Flexifloat barges do not have any loose parts.

Transportable Modular Barge System

All components of the Flexifloat™ sectional barge system are portable and made for efficient road transport by conventional tractor/trailers, making them and ideal solution for lakes and rivers that are not navigable by traditional barges.

The barge modules are designed for truck transport either as single or multiple, stacked units. Each Flexifloat section has a recessed shackle that is welded into the deck structure at the center of balance, providing an easily accessible, single-point lift connection for handling the unit.

Easy Assembly

Flexifloat™ units can be quickly connected into larger platforms of various sizes and shapes without the need for specialized tooling or equipment. The modular platforms are specifically designed for shallow-water, inland-marine environments. The welded-steel pontoons are capable of supporting heavy equipment loads in locations that are inaccessible to conventional deck barges.

Customizable Configurations

A simple, integral locking system permits modules to be easily connected side-to-side, end-to-end, or end-to-side to form larger platforms of various shapes which are suitable for many types of marine transport and construction applications.

Save Money

Our barge rental and leasing solutions supply barges for customer needs while removing the exorbitant costs and compliance responsibility associated with complete barge ownership. Our cost-effective barge solutions allow our customers to focus on their projects while using their capital for other beneficial purposes.