Barge Leasing & Management

Yager Barge has been proudly supporting our customers with quality barges for many different types of projects. With years of experience, most of our employees have a long history of working with Waterways Barge, and we enjoy helping our customers be successful in their endeavors.

Whether solving transportation challenges or efficiently handling everyday harbor jobs, we pride ourselves on always offering customers safe and innovative solutions.

At Yager Barge, we are proud to serve you and be part of your team.

Barges for ANY Project


Owning one of the best and readily available fleet of deck barges on the market today, Yager Barge offers our customers flexibility and options. We pride ourselves on helping our customers secure the right barge for their their projects.

Our barge leasing solutions help customers with their barge rental needs while removing the large costs associated with owning, and removing the compliance responsibility associated with barge ownership. Our cost-effective barge rental solutions let our customers focus on what really matters – their projects!

Barge Leasing & Management Leaders. Let's Work Together.